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Slashing Sandy

Fandom: karass or granfalloon. Discuss.
9 August
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I've been in media fandom since the early 80s; slash fandom since the late 80s; online fandom since the early 90s, LJ since the early 00's.

I write fanfic very slowly, one or two a year. But I read it voraciously, and I used to rec it constantly (at http://trickster.org/fannishbutterfly/neurotic.html), but now, I just compulsively add to my delicious page at http://delicious.com/sherrold.

I'm on my 21th serious fandom (SG1/SGA) though I still have amazing love for most of my old ones (which include Trek, Pros, TS, DS, B7, Wiseguy, HP, MV, SW, Simon & Simon (embarrassing, but true), PM, Eroica, RPS of Led Zeppelin, Quantum Leap, Buffy/Angel, Hornblower, M.U.N.C.L.E., SportsNight, X-Men, Mag7, XF, SH, HL, Sharpe, Homicide, SV, West Wing, Popslash, LoTR, Invisible Man, Firefly, QAF (UK&US), SG1 & SGA, Dr Who/Torchwood, Heroes, Numb3rs, Supernatural, American Idol, a bunch of RPS pairings... enough, I'm starting to scare myself); I spent a lot of last year passionate about Die Hard, Friday Night Lights and T:SCC, and now I'm reading Merlin, American Idol and dabbling in the Reboot.

Throughout the 90's, I made song videos with the Media Cannibals. We've got 5 vidtapes of vids available, and we're starting to put newer vids online, and on DVD, but it's a slow process. Currently I mostly make vids with wickedwords as clucking belles -- those vids are available here: http://www.relative-obscurity.org/belles/cb.html

This LJ is mostly about fandom and my fannish life, but every so often, a girl just has to post a picture of her cats.